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QDi Handy Home Pros can help with a wide variety of home improvement, maintenance, and repair projects. If you have a short to-do list or one that seems to be never-ending, we can help, call in the QDi Handy Home Pros.

  • When you need a quick fix or upgrade for your home, it’s not always necessary to call in an electrician. A QDi Handy Home Pro can often help.

  • Let us help then you can go ahead and enjoy your purchase with the peace of mind of knowing that your product has been safely assembled.

  • Basic safety and security additions will not only give additional convenience and peace of mind but can literally save lives.

  • QDi Handy Home Pros can do a variety of carpentry work, from simple repairs to more complex projects. We can help you get your projects done with one point of contact.

  • We believe that your home should be a haven for you and your family, and our team is dedicated to helping you keep it that way.

  • Our professionals are trained in plumbing maintenance and repair.  So give us a call to schedule or just ask us a question. We make it easy.

Home Maintenance

Ready & Waiting To Assist

  • Drywall Repair & Installation
  • Appliance/Fixture Maintenance or Replacement
  • Interior and Exterior Painting

  • Door and Window Repair & Replacement

  • And most other home maintenance needs.
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bath fixture replacement

plumbing maintenance and installation services

We’re Here To Help

QDi Handy Home Pros offers a full range of home maintenance, home improvement, and home enhancement services.

Please note: Some specific specialized tasks may be subject to state or local licensing and therefore may not be available in your area.

If you need help installing new smart outlets or fixtures to get them off that to-do list or routine plumbing care and repair, we can get the job done. You can call to schedule or just ask us a question. We make it easy.

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