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    Basic safety and security additions will not only give additional convenience and peace of mind but can literally save lives.

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    Let us help then you can go ahead and enjoy your purchase with the peace of mind of knowing that your product has been safely assembled.

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    When you need a quick fix or upgrade for your home, it’s not always necessary to call in an electrician. A QDi Handy Home Pro can often help.

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    We believe that your home should be a haven for you and your family, and our team is dedicated to helping you keep it that way.

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    Our professionals are trained in plumbing maintenance and repair.  So give us a call to schedule or just ask us a question. We make it easy.

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    QDi Handy Home Pros can do a variety of carpentry work, from simple repairs to more complex projects. We can help you get your projects done with one point of contact.